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Turkish Reading Practice Courses A1

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Improve your Turkish with Turkish reading practice course A1!

Improve your Turkish while learning new Turkish words and phrases with Turkish reading practice courses for self-study.

What is Turkish Reading Practice Course A1?

Turkish Reading Practice Course A1 is a bundle of Turkish easy reading lessons for self-study including:

  • 30 Turkish easy reading video lessons
  • Vocabulary and reading books (PDF)

Learn and practice Turkish yourself!

What does Turkish Reading Practice Course A1 include?

  1. 30 Reading Video Lessons Learn the new words in the text, read the text, read and listen to the text and do the exercises.
  2. 7 Turkish Language Books This course also includes a Turkish vocabulary book (PDF) and 6 graded easy readers (PDF) if you prefer PDF materials.

The books in this Turkish course are:

Turkish Vocabulary 1, Basic Turkish Reading, Turkish Penfriends 1, Turkish Diaries 1, Turkish Fairy Tales 1, Turkish Fairy Tales 2, What Is What 1

Can I try a sample Turkish reading lesson?

Of course, you can! View the video above for a sample Turkish easy reading lesson to have an idea about Turkish Reading Practice Course 1 A1.

Download Turkish Reading Practice Course A1 instantly!


Thank you very much for your interest and visiting Dem Turkish Center bookstore We hope that our Turkish language courses and lessons will be helpful for your Turkish studies.

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