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Turkish Dialogues | Introducing Others

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Learn Turkish from zero! Learn how to introduce others in Turkish.

Learn how to introduce and talk about others in Turkish in this FREE Turkish video lesson for self-study for starters & early beginners (A1).

This Turkish lesson is ideal for starters and early beginners (A1).

Learn the words and expressions, read the dialogue, listen to the dialogue and practice the dialogue with a friend:

The transcript of the video:

Bu benim en iyi arkadaşım. Onun adı Murat, onun soyadı Aksoy. Murat 32 yaşında ve evli. O bir öğretmen. O İstanbul’da yaşıyor, ama aslen o İzmirli.

This is my best friend. His name is Murat, his surname is Aksoy. Murat is 32 years old and married. He is a teacher. He lives in Istanbul, but he is originally from Izmir.

A Ayşe, senin en iyi arkadaşın kim?

Ayşe, who is your best friend?

B Benim en iyi arkadaşım Yasemin.

My best friend is Yasemin.

A Onun adı Yasemin. Onun soyadı ne?

Her name is Yasemin. What's her surname?

B Onun soyadı Bayrak. Yasemin Bayrak.

Her surname is Bayrak. Yasemin Bayrak.

A Yasemin kaç yaşında?

How old is Yasemin?

B Yasemin 30 yaşında. Benim gibi.

Yasemin is 30 years old. Like me.

A O nereli?

Where is she from?

B O Antalyalı.

She is from Antalya.

A Son soru. O evli mi?

Last question. Is she married.

B Evet, evli.

Yes, she is married.

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