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Turkish Membership Course

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Learn Turkish yourself!
For 1 year!
Download or study online!
For 1 year!

Do you want to study Turkish yourself with the help of your Turkish language teacher?

If yes, take DTC Turkish Course (Turkish Membership Course), become a DTC member, get the full access, download Turkish courses or study Turkish courses online, study Turkish yourself, get online help / support from your teacher while studying and learn Turkish yourself!.

Learn Turkish yourself at your own pace, wherever you are!

Learn more about DTC Turkish Course (Site Membership) below:

What's the duration of this course?

The duration of DTC Turkish Course is 1 year.

For 1 year, you will have the full access to our course on our course site and download any Turkish courses or study online and get online help from your Turkish language teacher.

What are the Turkish study materials?

Either download Turkish language courses (study offline) or take online Turkish lessons (short courses).

Download complete Turkish courses (A1, A2, PI, B1), Turkish grammar practice courses, Turkish reading practice courses, Turkish speaking practice courses and take short courses online.

How can I study Turkish myself?

We recommend you to start with the lessons (short courses) and use the books as supplementary materials.

Each Turkish lesson / short course has 3 sections: 1) Learn 2) Improve 3) Practice. They include video lessons and PDF worksheets with audios.

Can I take online Turkish classes?

Unfortunately DTC Turkish Course doesn't include online classes with the teacher.

However, you can take "casual, paid" Turkish support classes online (speaking practice or grammar support classes) with the teacher.

How does online support / help work?

Your Turkish teacher will always be available by email, Whatsapp or Skype when you need help or have questions.

The idea of this course is to help you learn Turkish yourself, so your teacher will be available online during your membership.

How can I take this Turkish course?

  1. Visit our site at
  2. Subscribe to DTC Turkish Course.
  3. Download Turkish courses or take lessons / courses online.
  4. Get online support / help from your teacher.
  5. And start learning Turkish yourself today!

More information about DTC Turkish Course:

What is the membership website?

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  • websites


We are using our course / store website for our Turkish language membership course. Simply subscribe, pay for your membership and start learning Turkish yourself.

Once you become a member, you will receive an information / welcome email from your teacher.

DEMTURKISHBOOKSTORE.COM isn't membershipwebsite. However, you can also use this website / store for your membership course, although all the materials are the same on both websites.

Please remember to register on so we can create a discount code (100% OFF) for you to download Turkish language materials from this store.

What are the Turkish language materials in this course?

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  • Courses

DTC Turkish Course (Site Membership) includes downloadable Turkish language learning materials for self-study (video lessons or PDF worksheets with audios, or both in some of of the materals) and online Turkish lessons (short courses with videos and downloadable PDF worksheets with audios) for self-study.

TURKISH COURSES (Download & Study Offline)

The downloadable Turkish language materials you can download are:

  • Complete Turkish Courses (Video lessons or PDF)
  • Turkish Grammar Courses (Video lessons + PDF)
  • Turkish Reading Practice Courses (Video lessons + PDF)
  • Turkish Speaking Practice Courses (Video lessons + PDF)

Simply download and study offline at your own pace!

ONLINE TURKISH LESSONS (Short Courses, Study Online)

Online Turkish lessons are structured short courses including video lessons and PDF worksheets with audios if you want to make aprint and study on a piece of paper.

Each Turkish course has 3 sections:

  1. LEARN with communicative lessons anf grammar focus lessons
  2. IMPROVE with easy Turkish lessons with exercises and vocabulary lessons
  3. PRACTICE with dialogues with exercises and interview questions and anwers
  4. And TEST your Turkish at the end of each course to revise and check how much you have learned!

Simply learn, improve and practice your Turkish!

Can I take online Turkish classes with the teacher?

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  • Classes

DTC Turkish Course (Site Membership) is a self-study Turkish membership course program.

Unfortunately this course doesn't include online classes with your teacher.

However, we are offering "casual, paid" online classes for our members who:

  • wants to take speaking classes casually to practice what they have learned,
  • wants to take support classes (Questions & Answers sessions) to ask questions about Turkish studies.

The classes costs 12 USD / 45 minutes and they are delivered with Zoom or Skype.

Who is the Turkish language teacher?

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  • Teacher

Merhaba! I am Ali Akpınar, a qualified and experienced Turkish language teacher. I will be your Turkish language teacher during your membership. Let me tell you a little about me.

I am from Istanbul. I was born in Istanbul in 1972. I graduated from the English Teaching Department (the Marmara University in Istanbul) in 1998 and worked at various language schools in Istanbul as a non-native English language teacher and Turkish language teacher until 2004 when I started Dem Turkish Center, a Turkish language learning resource website offering Turkish language learning materials and online Turkish lessons.

Since then, I have been creating Turkish language learning materials including Turkish courses, lessons, books & worksheets for self-study and offering Turkish language courses & classes online.

Contact your teacher!

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  • Contact

Contact your Turkish teacher by email, Whatsapp or Skype if:

  • you have questions about the Turkish membership course program.
  • you are DTC member and have questions or need help with your Turkish course.


Please remember to send me messages on Whatsapp or Skype, not calls, because I might not be able to reply as I'm busy with teaching or working.

Are you ready to become a DTC member?

Buy your DTC membership (Only 175 USD / 1 year), get the full access to the course website, download Turkish courses(study offline) or take online courses, get online help while studying and learn Turkish yourself with Dem Turkish Center!