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Turkish Reading Practice Course 1 A1


Improve your Turkish yourself with Turkish Reading Practice Course 1 A1 (Early Beginners)!

Turkish Reading Practice Course 1 A1 is a bundle of Turkish easy reading practice video lessons for self-study. You can use this course for self-study or as a supplementary material for your Turkish language course.

What is Turkish Reading Practice Course 1 A1?

Turkish Reading Practice Course A1 is a bundle of Turkish easy reading  lessons for self-study including:

  • 30 Turkish easy reading video lessons
  • Turkish Language Books (A vocabulary book and easy reading books PDF)

Learn and practice Turkish yourself!

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What does this course include?


The easy reading lessons in this course are:

Hello, My Kitchen, My Family, My Possession, What I have, A Good Boy, At The Restaurant, Future Plans, Bayram Holiday, Their Jobs, Weekly Plans, My Foreign Friends, My Cousins, My Everyday Routine, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Likes & Dislikes, Comparing Things, An Interview with a Celebrity, Their Fanily, My Relatives, My Home, Grasshoppers, Kiwi, and more.


The books (PDF) in this course are:

  • Turkish Vocabulary I
  • Basic Turkish Reading
  • Turkish Penfriends I
  • Turkish Diaries I
  • Turkish Fairy Tales I
  • What Is What I

Try a sample lesson!

View the video above for information and a sample Turkish speaking practice lesson to have an idea about Turkish Reading Practice Course 1 A1.

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Improve your Turkish with Turkish easy reading lessons for self-study!

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