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Learn word order in Turkish

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Basic Turkish language lessons. Word order in Turkish.

Learn the word order (structure of sentences) in Turkish language. Do these basic Turkish lessons before starting A1 (Early Beginner) level.

Here is the information and exercises for the word order in Turkish language. Watch the video and listen to the questions and answers:

The transcript of this Turkish video lesson:

1. Learn the basic sentence order in Turkish

The basic sentence order in Turkish is:


2. Read the sentences.

Ali bir kahve içiyor. Ali a coffee is drinking.

Ayşe bir film izliyor. Ayşe a film is watching.

3. Learn the position of the secondary persons in the sentence.

Secondary persons («with, for, like, about» + a person) comes after the subject.

WHO - with - WHAT - VERB KİM - ile - NE - YAPIYOR

4. Read the sentences.

Ali Can ile bir kahve içiyor. Ali with Can a coffee is drinking.

Ayşe Oya ile bir film izliyor. Ayşe with Oya a film is watching.

5. Learn the position of the «Time & Place» in the sentence.

Time and place come after the subject (person).

WHO - when - where - WHAT - VERB

KİM - ne zaman - nerede - NE - YAPIYOR

6. Read the sentences.

Ali şimdi kafede bir kahve içiyor. Ali now at the cafe a coffee is drinking.

Ayşe şimdi evde bir film izliyor. Ayşe now at home a film is watching.

All the extra information in a sentence come after the person (purpose, contrast, reason, time clauses etc) in Turkish.

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