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Learn basic verbs forms in Turkish

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Basic Turkish language lessons. Basic Turkish verbs and verb forms.

Learn the basic Turkish verbs and verb forms in Turkish language. Do these basic Turkish lessons before starting A1 (Early Beginner) level.

Here is the information and exercises for the basic Turkish verbs in Turkish language. Watch the video and listen to the questions and answers:

The transcript of this Turkish video lesson:

1. Infinitive Verbs in Turkish

Learn the infinitive form of the verbs in Turkish.

The infinitive verbs have the suffix «-mek / mak» in Turkish.

Yapmak To do

İstemek To want

Okumak To read

Yüzmek To swim

Bilmek To know

Çalışmak To work

Listen to the verbs in the video.

Learn how to use the infinitive form in Turkish.

O yüzmek istiyor. He wants to swim.

Yüzmek güzel. Swimming (To swim) is nice.

Commands (Imperative Verb Form) in Turkish

Learn how to form commands in Turkish.

Commands (Imperative Form)

A) Affirmative (positive) commands.

Simply drop the suffix «-mek / mak» to make positive commands.

Yapmak To do Yap. Do it.

Okumak To read Oku. Read it.

Çalışmak To work Çalış. Work.

Listen to the verbs and commands in the video.

B) Negative commands.

Simply drop the letter «-k» at the end of the verb to make negative commands.

Yapmak To do Yapma. Don't do it.

Okumak To read Okuma. Don't read it.

Çalışmak To work Çalışma. Don't work.

Listen to the verbs and commands in the video.

2. Verb Tenses: Present Tense in Turkish

The suffix «- yor» is used to form the present tenses (The Simple Present Tense & The Present Continuous Tense) in Turkish.

okumak To read O kitap okuyor. He is reading a book.

uyumak To sleep O uyuyor. He is sleeping.

Listen to the verbs and commands in the video.

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