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Learn basic questions in Turkish

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What are the basic question forms in Turkish language?

Learn the basic WH- question words (Who, what, when, where, how, etc) and YES / NO questions in Turkish language. Do these basic Turkish lessons before starting learning Turkish yourself or study with a Turkish language teacher.

View this Turkish video lessons and learn the basic question forms in Turkish language:

Here is the transcript of this Turkish video lesson about basic questions in Turkish:

1. Learn the question word “Who” in Turkish.

Kim Who

Kim Türkçe biliyor? Who knows Turkish?

Ali Türkçe biliyor. Ali knows Turkish.

There is no question form or word order in Turkish. Simply replace the question word with the answer.

2. Learn the question word “What” in Turkish.

Ne What

Ali ne içiyor? What is Ali drinking?

Ali çay içiyor. Ali is drinking tea.

3. Learn the question word “When” in Turkish.

Ne zaman When

Ali ne zaman geliyor? When is Ali coming?

Ali akşam geliyor. Ali is coming in the evening.

4. Learn the question word “Where” in Turkish.

Nerede Where

Ali nerede? Where is Ali?

Ali evde. Ali is at home.

5. Learn the question word “How” in Turkish.

Nasıl How

Hava nasıl? How is the weather?

Hava güzel. The weather is nice.

6. Learn the “Yes / No” questions in Turkish.

«mi» is the word used for making yes / no questions in Turkish. Simply add this word to the end of the sentence. For example:

Film güzel. The film is nice.

Film güzel mi? Is the film nice?

Ali bir doktor. Ali is a doctor.

Ali bir doktor mu? Is Ali a doctor?

The question word becomes “mi, mü, mı, mu” according to the vowel harmony in Turkish language.

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