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Learn basic nouns in Turkish

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Learn how to form the basic nouns in Turkish in this video lesson for starters!

Learn the basic Turkish nouns, plural form in Turkish and the use of the word “bir” in Turkish language.

Here is a short Turkish lesson about the basic nouns forms in Turkish. View the video for basic nouns in Turkish language:

Here is the transcriot of the video:

1. Learn the word “bir” in Turkish.

The word «bir» is both «one» and «a/an» in Turkish.

ev house

bir ev one / a house

araba car

bir araba one / a car

2. Learn some of the basic Turkish nouns.

adam man araba car çanta bag çocuk child, boy elma apple ev housejob, work kadın woman kalem pen kız girl kitap book öğrenci student para money ülke country

3. Learn the plural suffix in Turkish.

The plural suffix in Turkish is «– ler / lar» . For example:

bir ev a house

evler houses

bir araba a car

arabalar cars

4. Write “bir” if necessary.

bir adam ____ kitap ____ evler ____ çocuk ____ arabalar ____ kız ____ kalem ____ kadınlar ____ gazeteler ____ şapka ____ şişeler ____ çanta

5. Check your answers.

bir adam, bir kitap, evler, bir çocuk, arabalar, bir kız, bir kalem, kadınlar, gazeteler, bir şapka, şişeler, bir çanta

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