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Download Turkish language lessons (short courses) for self-study for early beginners (A1)!

The Turkish lessons (short courses) are Introducing Yourself, Introduing Others, Basic Questions, What we have (There Is & Verb To Have), Basic Verbs & What we want, What we are doing (Present Continuous Tense), Getting To Know Each Other (Present Tense), Everyday Routine & Habits (Present Tense), Comparison, Family, Describing Location.

The lessons include video lessons with praintable (PDF) lessons with audios if you prefer PDF worksheets.

Download individually or download as complete Turkish courses including lessons and books for self-study!

Complete Turkish Course 1 A1 (PDF + Audios)

Turkish Lessons 1 A1: Introducing Yourself (UPDATED)

Turkish Lessons 2 A1: Introducing Others (UPDATED)

Turkish Lessons 3 A1: Basic Questions (UPDATED)

Turkish Lessons 4 A1: What we have (UPDATED)

Turkish Lessons 6 A1: What we are doing (UPDATED)

Turkish Lessons 5 A1: Basic Verbs & Want (UPDATED)

Turkish Lessons 7 A1: Getting To Know (UPDATED)

14 products


14 products