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How to download Turkish language courses & lessons

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How to download Dem Turkish Center' Turkish language courses and lessons for self-study.

Learn how to download a wide range of downloadable (video lessons or printable lessons and books if you prefer to make a print and study on a piece of paper) Turkish language learning materials for self-study offered by Dem Turkish Center!

Before how to download our Turkish language materials, here are what Turkish language materials we offer:

What Dem Turkish Center offers:

We offer downloadable and printable digital products including:

  1. Turkish Language Courses Complete Turkish courses, Turkish grammar courses, Turkish reading practice courses and Turkish speaking practice coruses
  2. Turkish Language Lessons Short Turkish language courses including video lessons and PDF worksheets with audios if you prefer to make a print and study
  3. Turkish Language Books Turkish grammar workbooks, Turkish vocabulary developers, Turkish speaking practice books / worksheets and graded Turkish easy reading books

Our Turkish language products are digital products including video lessons or PDF books and worksheets with audios.

How to download from Dem Turkish Center's bookstore

Downloading our Turkish language learning materials is very easy. Simply:

  1. Sign up free on Dem Turkish Center bookstore
  2. Add the Turkish courses or lessons to the shopping cart.
  3. Fill in the form before the checkout page.
  4. Pay online by your credit card through (a secure online payment service in Turkey).
  5. Download your Turkish materials instantly after completing the payment (You will be redirected to payment page and return to download page to download your order instantly. You will also receive an email to download your products).
  6. And start learning Turkish language today!

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any problems with your download or products.


Thanks for your interest and visiting Dem Turkish Center bookstore We hope our Turkish language learning materials will be very helpful for your Turkish studies.

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