Turkish Dialogues | Introducing Yourself

Turkish Dialogues | Introducing Yourself

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Improve your Turkish with free Turkish lessons! A Turkish dialogue about introducing yourself.

Learn how to introduce yourself with this basic Turkish dialogue in this FREE Turkish video lesson for self-study.

This Turkish lesson is ideal for starters and early beginners (A1).

Learn the words and expressions, read the dialogue, listen to the dialogue and practice the dialogue with a friend:

Here are the dialogues in this Turkish lesson:

A Merhaba. Benim adım Ali. Senin adın ne?

Hello. My name is Ali. What's your name?

B Benim adım Ayşe.

My name is Ayşe.

A Memnun oldum Ayşe.

Pleased to meet you Ayşe.

B Ben de.

Me too.

A Sen nerelisin Ayşe?

Where are you from Ayşe?

B Ben İstanbulluyum. Sen nerelisin Ali?

I'm from Istanbul. Where are you from Ali?

A Ben İzmirliyim.

I am from Izmir.

A Senin işin ne Ayşe?

What is your job Ayşe?

B Ben bir öğretmenim. Senin işin ne Ali?

I am a teacher. What is your job Ali?

A Ben bir doktorum.

I am a doctor.

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