Turkish Penfriends 5 (Beginner / A2)

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Improve your Turkish language with Turkish writing (letter) lessons for beginner (A2) Turkish language learners – by email!

Download the letters from your penfriend (10 Letters), write similar letters, send your letter to your penfriend (your Turkish teacher, review your mistakes and practice Turkish grammar & reading while learning new words and phrases.

Try a free lesson! Write a letter / text, send us by email at info@demturkishcenter.com for correction & explanations.

What is Turkish Writing (Letter / Text Correction) Lessons by email?

Turkish writing lessons are the letters you write to your Turkish penfriend (your Turkish language teacher) who reads, corrects your mistakes, adds grammar or usage explanations and sends it back to you for review.

Turkish writing lessons are also a good way to practice Turkish grammar and learn new Turkish words and phrases.

What to write about

Buy this Turkish writing course, download 10 graded Turkish letters from your Turkish penfriend, write similar letters, send them to your Turkish language teacher for correction, receive corrected letter, review and improve your Turkish language.

The letters in this course are:

  1. Interview - Books: Read and answer the questions about the book you read.
  2. Home Sweet Home: Read and write about your house or flat.
  3. TV Guide II: Read and write what's on TV today.
  4. Interview - Cinema: Read and answer the questions about a film you saw.
  5. Holiday Plans: Read and write about your holiday plans.
  6. Interview - Questions: Read and answer miscellanous questions.
  7. Funny Story: Read and write a similar funny story.
  8. Questions - Advice: Read and answer the questions to give advice.
  9. Special Occasions: read and write about the special occasions and days in your country.
  10. My Country: Read and write about your country.

What does your Turkish teacher do?

Your Turkish teacher (your penfriend) will gladly read your letter / texts, correct your mistakes, explain your mistakes (or usage) with short notes, send them back to you for review and help you with your Turkish studies!

Try a Turkish writing (letter correction) lesson!

Contact us at info@demturkishcenter.com or aliakpinar@hotmail.com if you would like to try a letter!

How it works

  • Buy this package (including 10 letters) for your Turkish writing course.
  • Your Turkish teacher will contact you after buying hours.
  • Start writing your letters and sending them to you Turkish teacher.
  • And start improving your Turkish language with your Turkish teacher!


  • Please send your letters to info@demturkishcenter.com or aliakpinar@hotmail.com
  • Your course expires in 2 months if you don't write letters for2 months.
  • Your teacher will get in touch with you after buying lessons to schedule your course.

How to buy your course

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  • Your Turkish teacher will contact you after buying hours to schedule your class(es) or course.

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