Self-study Turkish Lessons 9 A1: Comparison Dem Turkish Center

Self-study Turkish Lessons 9 A1: Comparison

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Learn Turkish yourself with self-study Turkish video lessons (Learn, read, write, listen and practice), practical, short Turkish video lessons for early beginners (A1). Information "Turkish Video Lessons: Comparison & Superlative Form" has 3 parts: LEARN Learn with lessons, grammar. IMPROVE Improve with easy reading with exercises. PRACTICE Practice with dialogues and interview questions & answers. View a sample lesson from this level: EXTRA WORK For extra work, check out Turkish Video Lessons on Dem Turkish Center. Download the lessons and study Turkish yourself. If you wish to study Turkish yourself + study with a Turkish teacher and complete A1 level in 4 months, visit Self-study Turkish Courses 1 A1 for more information. Lessons I. LEARN Lesson Comparison & Superlative Learn and practice the form comparison in Turkish. Grammar Comparison Learn and practice the comparison & superlative form in Turkish. II. IMPROVE Reading Thursday Practice an easy text about what he is doing on Thursday. Reading: Letter Comparing Things Practice an easy text with exercises about comparing things. III. PRACTICE Dialogue Comparing Cities Practice a dialogue about comparing cities. Grammar Suffix “- Kİ” Learn and practice the suffix “- Kİ” in Turkish. Courses Dem Turkish Center courses are: Self-study Turkish Courses 1 (A1) Take Self-study Turkish Course 3, download Turkish language materials (practical video lessons, worksheets or books for self-study), study Turkish yourself, get online support from your Turkish teacher while studying yourself and complete your level in 4 months. Visit Self-study Turkish Courses 1 (A1) for more information. Dem Turkish Center Membership Become a DTC.COM Member and download Turkish language materials (including this material), get online support and take Turkish classes online to revise & practice what you have learned. Visit Dem Turkish Center for more information. How To download Downloading our Turkish language learning materials is very easy. Simply: Add the products to the shopping cart. Pay online by your credit card using, a secure online payment service in Turkey. You will be redirected a download page on DTB.COM to download your material(s) instantly after completing the payment. You will also receive an email including the download links. See detailes information for downloading our materials. Refund Policy Since offers digital goods, we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product download link is sent. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site. Contact Please get in touch with us via email at or, by Skype at or Whatsapp (+90 541 551 43 23) (We prefer emails or chat instead of phone calls because we are usually busy with teaching and may not be able to answer your call,) if you have any questions or problems with your download or products.