Turkish Language Audiobooks (Pre-intermediate)

Turkish Language Audiobooks (Pre-intermediate)

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Download Turkish language audiobooks for pre-intermediate learners, a bundle of audiobooks including printable (pdf) Turkish easy reading books with exercises & word lists for self-study or study with your Turkish language teacher – 25 % OFF!

The books in Turkish Language Audiobooks (Pre-intermediate) package are:

  1. Turkish Biographies 2
  2. Turkish Fairy Takes - Silver Coin
  3. Strange News 2
  4. Ne Nedir 2
  5. Anatolian Myths 2
  6. Anatolian Folk Tales 2
  7. Turkish Penfriends 3
  8. Turkish Short Stories 1

Download Language Audiobooks (Pre-intermediate) and improve your Turkish listening & reading skill while learning new Turkish words and phrases!

Download these books individually with the audios (pdf + mp3)

Download these books individually without audios (pdf)

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