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Turkish Grammar & Conversation Classes (C1)

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Learn Turkish grammar with Turkish grammar & conversation classes for advanced (C1) Turkish language learners - online via Skype!

Study Turkish grammar & practice what you have learned!

Buy 1 hour only or more to make a short course.

How to learn Turkish grammar

Not only learn the Turkish grammar, but also practice it with your Turkish teacher through conversation practice.

We are offering 2 types of Turkish speaking classes:

  1. Questions & Answers Your Turkish teacher will answer your Turkish grammar questions an help you practice what you have learned.
  2. Turkish Grammar Practice Make a short course with a list of grammar point. Ideal if you are studying yourself or taking a Turkish course and need to learn and practice what you are studying.

How it works

  • Buy hours for your Turkish grammar & conversation classes.
  • Get in touch with your Turkish language teacher (Your Turkish teacher will contact you after buying hours).
  • Schedule your Turkish reading & conversation class(es) with your Turkish teacher.
  • And start improving your Turkish language online with your Turkish teacher!

How to buy hours

Before buying hours, add the number of monthly hours in the form. For example:

  • Buy 1 or 2 hours if you need a short, casual course with a Turkish language teacher.
  • Buy 4 hours if you want to take 4 hours (1 hour a week) a month.
  • Buy 8 hours if you want to take 8 hours (2 hours a week) a month.
  • Buy 12 hours if you want to take 12 hours (3 hours a week) a month.


  • We are using Skype for our online Turkish classes & courses.
  • Your class(es) or course (the number of hours you have bought) is completed in a month. You can buy more hours if you want to continue.
  • Your teacher will get in touch with you after buying hours to schedule your course.

How to buy hours

  • Simply add the number of hours in the form (The number of hours you want to take).
  • Add to cart and fill in the form before buying your Turkish speaking course.
  • Add the discount codein theform if you have a discount code or a DTC.Com member.
  • You will be redirected to iyzico.com’s (an online payment processor) secure payment page to make a payment by your credit card.
  • Your Turkish teacher will contact you after buying hours to schedule your class(es) or course.

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