Self-study Turkish Course A1/2

Self-study Turkish Course A1/2

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Learn Turkish yourself with self-study Turkish course 2/A1 for early beginner Turkish language learners. Study yourself and revise & practice with your Turkish teacher online!

Dem Turkish Center offers short, self-study courses for early or total beginner learners including:

  1. 4 self-study Turkish lessons (with audios & answer keys),
  2. Online support by email and/or a private Facebook group,
  3. 4 online lessons via Skype once a week with your Turkish teacher to revise & practice what you have learned.


Self-study Turkish Course 2/A1 (Early Beginner) includes the following lessons:

  1. Basic Verbs & Use of "Want" Download this lesson individually
  2. Present Tense 1 - What we are doing Download this lesson individually
  3. Present Tense 2 - Getting to know each other Download this lesson individually
  4. Present Tense 3 - Everyday Routine & Habits Download this lesson individually


  1. Online support via email or private Facebook group
  2. 4 online lessons via Skype to revise and practice what you have learned.

Download this course including 4 self-study lessons, study one lesson a week, get online on Skype and revise & practice with your Turkish language teacher!


  1. Download the lessons individually and study yourself.
  2. Download the lessons individually, study yourself and study with your Turkish teacher.


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