Stop learning and start speaking Turkish with Turkish speaking practice lessons online via Skype, at the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are located in the world!

We are offering 3 types of Turkish speaking practice lessons online:

  1. TURKISH COFFEE BREAK Improve your Turkish speaking skill with “casual” Turkish speaking classes by having “casual” conversations while having a cup of coffee.
  2. TURKISH INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Ask and answer questions and have an interview with your Turkish teacher using the popular conversations topics.
  3. TURKISH SPEAKING PRACTICE CLASSES Make a short course with a list of conversation topics and dialogues. Ideal if you are studying yourself or taking a Turkish course and need to practice what you have studied.

Check out the information below and contact us using the form below, by email at or or by Whatsapp to discuss the details and have a trial lesson.

Meet your Turkish language teacher!

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Ali Akpınar is a Turkish language teacher from Istanbul offering Turkish language learning materials and online Turkish lessons via Skype.

He was born in Istanbul in 1972. He studied at the English Teaching Department at the Marmara University. After graduation, he worked in various language schools in Istanbul, teaching English and Turkish, until he started Dem Turkish Center in 2005.

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What is Turkish Coffee Break?

Turkish Coffee Break speaking classes are ideal for Turkish language learners (any levels) who can’t find time to study and practice Turkish language but want to improve their Turkish speaking skill and gain fluency with short conversation classes (without any worksheets or lesson plans) through everyday conversations.

Improve your Turkish with casual chats in Turkish while having a cup of coffee, any time of the day, before work, during your lunch or after work. Have a casual chat in Turkish with your Turkish language teacher online!

How are you teaching?

I am not teaching, we are talking! This is the idea. However, I am always giving short grammar explanations and vocabulary when you need. Other than that, we are trying to talk and gain fluency.

All you need is to have a cup of coffee (It doesn’t have to be a Turkish coffee, of course), have a small talk in Turkish with your Turkish teacher, practice what you have learned and improve your Turkish speaking skills.

What can I talk about?

Talk about your day, what you did yesterday, what you are doing today, what you are going to do tomorrow, tell me about a film you saw, a book you read, gossip about friends… And ask a lot of questions!

Are you using any materials during the class?

Not during the class. I would like you to try to practice what you have studied, speak and gain fluency. This is why I am not using worksheets during the classes. However, I am taking notes and sending you supplementary materials after the class if you need to study a specific point.

I am a new beginner Turkish language student. Can I still take Turkish Coffee Break classes?

Of course, you can. You don’t have to speak Turkish fluently. This is why we are having casual Turkish speaking classes, to improve your Turkish speaking skill even if you are an early beginner Turkish language learners. Take these casual classes and practice what you have studied.

I am interested in Turkish Coffee Break. What are the details? How does it work?

First contact me by email at or to schedule a short meeting onlinevia Skype (my Skype is to have a short conversation in Turkish to get to know each other, discuss the details and schedule your classes.

Then meet me online and start improving your Turkish speaking skill!

I don’t want to take casual conversation classes. I need a proper course with a list of conversation topics to practice.

Beside Turkish Coffee Break, casual Turkish speaking lessons online, I am also offering Turkish speaking practice courses, short Turkish speaking courses with a list of topics to practice.

Turkish Speaking Practice courses are ideal for Turkish language learners who are taking a course or studyingthemselves and want to practice and improve their Turkish speaking skill through lists of of topics, dialogues and conversations in their levels.

What’s the difference between Turkish Coffee Break and Turkish Speaking Practice Courses?

The difference between the two courses is that you don’t have to follow a course program if you are taking Turkish Coffee Break classes whereas you are following a list of conversation topics (created by your teacher or you) during your course if you are taking Turkish Speaking Practice courses.

Are you using Turkish language materials in Turkish Speaking Practice courses?

Although we are not using materials in Turkish Speaking Practice courses, I will give you some worksheets for some topics & dialogues to study in class or after class as homework. Plus I will provide you with extra materials when you have a problem with a specific point that you need to study.

Other than that, we are not using materials in the classes because our aim is to speak, have conversations and improve your Turkish speaking skill. Using materials in class may stop us speaking the language more than we need, I believe.

I am intrested in this kind of Turkish speaking course. What are the details and how does it work?

  1. Contact me by email to meet online, discuss the details and chat in Turkish for a little to get to know you and have an idea about your Turkish.
  2. Plan your course with your Turkish teacher by making a list of the topics, points, dialogues etc you need to practice (or let your teacher plan it according to your level).
  3. Decide how many classes and what days and times to take classes.
  4. Schedule your Turkish Speaking Practice classes with your Turkish teacher.
  5. And start improving your Turkish language online with your Turkish teacher!

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