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SS Turkish Language Courses 2 (A2)

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Information Learn Turkish yourself with Self-study Turkish Language Courses 2 A2! Study Turkish yourself and get online help / support from your Turkish teacher. SS Turkish Language Courses 2 A2 is a Turkish language course program for beginners who want to study Turkish themselves with the support of a Turkish language teacher helping them online while studying themselves. Visit Dem Turkish Center for more information and list of Turkish language lessons How "Turkish Language Courses 2 A2" works: Buy “Turkish Language Course 2 A2" from DTC Bookstore. Receive a discount code (100 %) by email from us to download your Turkish language materials. Download your Turkish language materials one by one or as discount bundles. Start studying your Turkish language materials yourself. Contact with your Turkish teacher when you need help, need explanation or have questions. And learn Turkish language yourself with the help / support of your Turkish language teacher online. Level: This course covers the beginner (A2) level. Duration: Turkish Language Course 2 A2 lasts 4 MONTHS. Online Support / Help: Turkish Language Course 2 A2 includes online support by email, Whatsapp, Skype, social network messages etc when you need help with your Turkish language materials or the Turkish language in general. It doesn't include online classes face to face. Materials You can take "Turkish Language Courses 2 A2" either for your own materials or for Turkish language learning materials from Dem Turkish Center. Visit Dem Turkish Center for the lists of Turkish language materials for beginner learners (A2). Visit Turkish Language Courses 2 A2 for the list of structured lessons. How to buy TLC 2 A2 Add to cart and fill in the form before buying TLC 2 A2. You will be redirected to’s (an online payment processor) secure payment page to make a payment by your credit card. Your Turkish teacher will contact you after buying hours to schedule your class(es) or course. How to buy products & services from Contact Us Get in touch with us via email at or, by Skype at or Whatsapp (+90 541 551 43 23) (We prefer emails or chat instead of phone calls because we are usually busy with teaching and may not be able to answer your call,) if you have any questions or problems with your download or products.