Self-study Turkish Lessons 1 (pdf + mp3) (Early Beginner/A1)

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Learn Turkish yourself with Self-study Turkish Lessons 1 for Beginners / A1 (with audios & answer keys) – 25 % OFF!

Self-study Turkish lessons are printable Turkish language lessons including Turkish vocabulary worksheets, Turkish grammar worksheets, communicative Turkish lessons, Turkish easy reading exercises, everyday Turkish and conversation questions to study and practice Turkish by yourself.

The lessons in Self-study Turkish Lessons Beginner/A1 package are:

  1. Introducing Yourself Download this lesson only
  2. Talking About Other People Info & Download this lesson only
  3. Basic Questions Info & Download this lesson only
  4. Use of "There is & Have" Info & Download this lesson only
  5. Basic Questions & Use of "Want" Info & Download this lesson only
  6. Present Tense 1 / What we are doing Info & Download this lesson only
  7. Present Tense 2 / Getting to know each other Info & Download this lesson only
  8. Present Tense 3 / Everyday Routine & Habits Info & Download this lesson only
  9. Comparison & Superlative Info & Download this lesson only
  10. Likes & Dislikes Info & Download this lesson only
  11. Family Members Info & Download this lesson only
  12. Describing Locations Info & Download this lesson only


  1. Download Self-study Turkish Lessons individually and study yourself.
  2. Download Self-study Turkish Lessons individually, study yourself and study with your teacher online.
  3. Download Self-study Turkish Lessons Beginner / A1 as a bundle of lessons (this product) and study yourself.

Download self-study Turkish Lessons Beginner / A1 packages and start learning Turkish language yourself!

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