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Learn Turkish yourself at your own pace with Dem Turkish Center membership!

What is DTC.COM membership?

DTC.COM MEMBERSHIP is a self-study Turkish language program for Turkish language learners who want to study Turkish themselves at their own pace with self-study Turkish language materials, get online help while studying and take online classes with a Turkish language teacher to revise & practice what they have studied.

What does DTC.COM membership include?

DTC.COM MEMBERSHIP includes downloadable and printable Turkish language learning materials (self-study lessons, worksheets & books with audios & answer keys), online & offline support and Turkish language classes (Turkish language classes online are 50 % OFF for DTC.COM members) online via Skype to help you learn Turkish yourself at your own pace!

What’s the duration of DTC.COM membership?

You can use the DTC.COM MEMBERSHIP for 2 years, which is enough to learn the basics of the Turkish language, improve your Turkish language and practice what you have learned.

What are the Turkish language materials?

When you become a DTC.COM member, you will receive a personal code to download ALL the DTC.COm Turkish language materials including self-study Turkish lessons (with audios & answer keys), Turkish language worksheets (with audios & answer keys) and Turkish language books (with/without audios).

How does online support work?

Your Turkish language teacher will always be available by email if you have questions or need help with what you are studying. Plus you will be member of a private Facebook group to ask questions or read the other members’ discussions. Plus your teacher will be online by popular apps including Whatsapp and Skype at certain times and days during the week for support for DTC.COM MEMBERS.

What are the Turkish language classes online?

While studying Turkish language yourself with DTC.COM self-study Turkish materials, you can take online classes via Skype with a Turkish language teacher to revise & practice what you have studied. The Turkish classes online we are offering are Turkish speaking classes, Turkish reading & conversation classes, Turkish grammar & conversation classes, Turkish writing (letter / text correction) lessons by email and Turkish Support Lessons.

Turkish language classes online is 50 % OFF for DTC.COM members).

How much does it cost to be a DTC.COM member?

Design your own Turkish study with DTC.COM membership which costs only 100 USD including Turkish language materials (over 300 USD in total now and we are adding new materials every week). Plus we are offering online & offline support for your Turkish studies. Plus you can take Turkish language classes online (Turkish speaking, grammar, reading & writing classes online via Skype) – 50 % OFF!

How to become a DTC.COM member:

  1. Buy DTC.COM MEMBERSHIP online on this page.
  2. Download your Turkish language folder including sample materials after completing the payment.
  3. Receive a personal membership code to download your Turkish language materials.
  4. Start downloading your Turkish language materials and study Turkish yourself at your own pace.
  5. Use online support (email, Facebook page, Skype, Whatsapp etc) if you have questions or need help with your materials.
  6. Take onine classes with your Turkish teacher when you need to revise & practice what you have studied.
  7. And learn Turkish language yourself at your own pace with DTC.COM materials, support and classes!

How to download DTC.COM materials:

Downloading DTC.COM Turkish language materials is easy. Simply:

  1. Find the materials on
  2. Add the Turkish language materials to cart.
  3. Proceed the checkout and fill in the form with your information.
  4. Add your DTC.COM member code in the discount form at the checkout.
  5. Skip the payment page because you are a member.
  6. Download the materials from the download page you are redirected or from the email you receive.

Become a DTC.COM Turkish language member now!

  1. Pay only 100 USD for a DTC.COM MEMBERSHIP.
  2. Download DTC.COM Turkish language learning materials.
  3. Get online & offline support when you have questions and need help.
  4. Take Turkish language classes online via Skype (50 % OFF for DTC.COm members).
  5. Become a DTC.COM member for 2 years!

Contact us by email at or or by Skype at if you have further information or need help with your order.