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Turkish Speaking Lessons: Interview Questions

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Improve your Turkish with Turkish Interview Questions - Turkish speaking lessons online via Skype.

Turkish Interview Questions are ideal for learners (any levels) who want to improve their Turkish speaking skill and gain fluency through typical conversation questions about popular topics such as sports, music, business, books, films, politics etc.

Ask and answer lots of questions and improve your listening and speaking skills!

Conversation Topics

Beginner Turkish Speaking Topics

Ability, advice, animals, asking how people are, at the café, at the doctor, at the restaurant, biography, books, cinema,city life, comparison, countries & stereotypes, describing people, education, emotions, everyday routine, family, food & drink, free times, future plans, general knowledge, habits, health, holiday, house, introducing other people, invitation, last holiday, last weekend, likes & dislikes, love & marriage, needs, newspaper headlines, next weekend, obligation & necessity, offers & volunteer actions, past events, past experiences, personal Information, personality, plans & projects, reporting statements, requests & permissions, saying where things are, shopping for clothes, shopping for food, special occasions, sports, TV guide, weather forecast, weekends, what do you think about, what we have, what we want, what’s your favorite...

Intermediate Turkish Speaking Topics

Adventure, advice, animals, arts, beliefs, biographies, books, business, cinema, city, clothes & fashion, cooking, comparison, countries & stereotypes, complaints, computers, crime, describing people, describing things, “Did you know that …”, “Do you know how to…”, education, eating & drinking, emotions, everyday routine, family, food & drinks, fears, free times, friendship, future prediction, future plans, general knowledge, habits, gossiping, health, holiday, house, Internet, introducing other pople, how to, last holiday, likes & dilikes, literature, love & marriage, money, music, needs, newspaper headlines, past habits, personality, plans & projects, politics, probability, regrets, reporting statements, rules, school, shopping, special occasions, sports, TV guide, “What would you do…”, work...

Advanced Turkish Speaking Topics

Advantages & disadvantages, adventure, advice, animals, arts, attitude, axpressing preference, beliefs, biographies, books, business, cause & effect, cinema, city, communication, complaints, countries & stereotypes, crime & punishment, crime, criticism, culture, CV, economics, education, explaining purpose, facts & figures, fears, future prediction, giving reasons, health, history, how to, hypothesising, Internet, intentions, literature, money, narration, news, newspaper headlines, opinions, physical appearance, plans & projects, politics, problems & solutions, regrets, school, shopping, sports, time, travel, work...

How we teach

We are not teaching, we are talking! This is the idea. Simply ask and answer, start conversations by asking and answering questions to improve your Turkish speaking skill! We will provide the questions for the Turkish Interview Questions speaking class in addition to your own questions.


  • Level Beginner, intermediate & advanced
  • Number of participants Private lessons with 1 student
  • Number of lessons Negotiable
  • Materials Question lists
  • Software Skype (Our Skype account is dem.turkish.center)
  • Teacher Qualified & experienced Turkish language teacher speaking English
  • Times & Days Negotiable. Contact us to discuss the details.

Contact us by email at info@demturkishcenter.com or aliakpinar@hotmail.com to discuss the details and start learning Turkish language.

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