List of self-study Turkish lessons for beginners (A2)

List of self-study Turkish lessons for beginners (A2)

Dem Turkish Center offers self-study Turkish lessons for early beginners (A2) who want to study Turkish themselves at their own pace through comprehensive lessons - with audios & answer keys.

Our Turkish lessons include 3 parts:

  1. Learn Turkish vocabulary, lessons, grammar
  2. Improve your Turkish reading, writing, vocabulary
  3. Practice Turkish everyday Turkish, interview questions, tests

Here is the list of self-study Turkish lessons early for beginners (A2):

  1. Duration (For & Since)
  2. Ablity - What we can do
  3. Obligatin & Necessity
  4. Introduction To Past Tense (Past Verb To Be)
  5. Ongoing Past Events & Past Habits (Past Continuous Tense)
  6. Past Tense 1 / Biographies
  7. Past Tense 2 Past Events
  8. Past Tense 3 / Past Experiences
  9. City Tour
  10. Direct Reported Speech
  11. Future Tense
  12. Plans & Projects
  13. Asking & Giving Advice
  14. General Knowledge

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